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Register Team with USSSA


All teams participating in any tournament need to be registered with USSSA:  Register Here 


To register.

1. Click the link above.

2. Create an ID  (if you already have one, then continue to step 3)

3. Log in with your use User ID and Password.

4. Select Register/Create a Team

5.  Fill out the information about your team.  List the team name exactly as you want it to appear for others to see.

        - For team state select:  Northern California

        - For Sport and Class of team select:   Majors for highest ranked elite teams.  AAA for experienced and good

               teams.  or AA for beginning teams or teams with a loosing record from previous season.

6. Submit payment to register team (currently $55). Must be done by credit card.

7. Now add the roster online by highlighting the team you want to add the roster too and picking Roster Adds and Updates.

8.  Agree to the terms on the next page.

9. Add the player with the correct legal name and spelling and the correct birthday.   The system will not allow you to add a player if he is too old for that team.

10.  Continue to add the players until your roster is complete. 



All players who participate in an event must be listed on your USSSA online roster before the start of the event.

All rosters must be completed with at least 9 players on the roster at least 8 days prior to the event you are playing in.

A printed out copy of this roster needs to be brought to all tournaments to hand in.


What to Bring to the Tournament Check In:

1. Completed USSSA Roster with all players listed on it.

2. Proof of Team insurance.   (This can be purchased while you are logged in at

3.  Proof of age of players:  Birth Certificate or Driver's License.


Teams need to Check In at least one hour prior to your first game of each tournament with the on site director in charge.


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