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Well we'd have to say it's officially baseball season here in Central California. Over 60 teams competed this weekend in two great events here in the valley, while some valley teams traveled north to compete.

First we will cover the King of Kings' annual Line Drive event that took place in Hanford. The weekend started out with less than perfect conditions for baseball, but championship Sunday saw near perfect spring conditions here in the valley (which of course comes with the sneezing and eye rubbing).

In the 13u bracket, we saw the Future Stars go undefeated on the weekend with the Visalia Aces given them a good game in pool play. Otherwise, it was clear sailing for the Stars. Championship game... Future Stars 9 Bakersfield Bombers 3.

The Major League Ballers 12u (MLB) came ready to play. Going 4 and 0 on the weekend in a 10 team bracket. They never faced a threat all weekend. Scoring 48 runs and only allowing 4 against all weekend. Championship game... MLB 12 SLO Rangers 0.

Heading into the weekend, you knew the 11u bracket was going to be competitive. The Bruins, Tri-County and the Bears didn't disappoint. All three teams competed well this weekend, with Tri-County having to play both the Bears and Bruins on Sunday to win the ship. Both very competitive games with great defense and pitching on both sides.

Championship game... Tri-County 2 Bears 0.

In the 10u division, we saw CDZ Apparel explode onto the scene! In this 11 team bracket, there were some of the usual top teams in the valley playing but this didn't deter CDZ. CDZ had to go the long way on Sunday after going 1-0-1 in pool play but they got it done. Championship game... CDZ Apparel 12 CV Cardinals 4.

The 9u division saw some lopsided games (as you normally do at this age) but the championship game was a well played game by both teams. CV Cardinals go undefeated on the weekend and are one of the top teams in Central California in this age group. Championship game... CV Cardinals 6 Bakersfield Starz 4.

We also saw some great baseball played at Granite Park this weekend in the Spring Swing event.

The most competitive division was the middle school bracket which featured 7 teams from the valley. In the end, CBA Marlins' 2025 Gold battled the CenCal Grizzlies. CBA had a tough, hard fought semi final game against MVP baseball and simply ran out of steam in the championship game. Championship game... CC Grizzlies 6 CBA 2025 Gold 0.

In the 12s we saw the CBA marlins run the table. Going 4 and 0 on the weekend and the offense exploding in the championship game.

Championship game... CBA Marlins 15 Bullard 7.

In the 11u bracket we saw a familiar valley team, DIB Gorillas, get back into action. In their first tournament back, they definitely announced their presence! Going 4 and 0 and claiming 1st place. Championship game... DIB Gorillas 6 CBA 2.

The 10s saw a rematch from pool play. Ortiz Baseball Factory decided that Saturday's results were not good enough! And when it counted the most, on Sunday, got the best of Bullard in the rematch. Championship game... OBF 8 Bullard 2.

Out of town.... last weekend we saw Tri-County Prime 14u win the Perfect Game event in Irvine taking down the #1 ranked team in the nation (MVP Hustle), this week we saw the Cali Tigers 13u travel north to win the USSSA event in Manteca beating Club All-Star in the championship game.

Lots an lots of good baseball being played here in Central California!

Next up is the USSSA Leap Year Classic in Fresno (Feb 29/Mar1), followed by USSSA March Madness (Mar7/8).

Good luck to all the teams in Central California...IT'S BASEBALL SEASON!

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